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Use our Quant Toolbox to get quantitative insight that will build your edge:

  • Proprietary Value, Quality & Momentum Ranks
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We write and speak about research-driven quantitative strategies for individual investors. 

Our Core Beliefs

History shows that in order to beat the market in the long term, you have to do three things well:

  1. Be a contrarian and act differently than the crowd
  2. Have a proven system to control your emotions
  3. Make rational investment decisions time and time again

Our quantitative strategies will help you do just that.

Our proprietary computer algorithms are based on cutting-edge academic research and our own rigorous testing. They prune thousands of SEC filings to come up with most compelling stock ideas. Stock selections are based on data, not stories. Cognitive biases and human errors - are avoided.

By using our advanced stock screeners and model portfolios, you will have a system pick winning stocks and hold on to them. A system which will save you tons of time searching for stock ideas. A system which will help you make rational investment decisions, even when they are not popular. A system which will protect you from human and mistakes, and will keep you invested even when the market experiences volatility.
An evidence-based system which will help you beat the market over the long term, and do so with confidence.

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About Tal Davidson

Hi, I’m Tal Davidson.

I develop quantitative investing strategies which are based on deep academic research. I’m not the ordinary finance guy. I’m more of a technology geek, working as a computer engineer in one of the largest tech companies in the world.

I’ve been learning and experimenting with investment strategies for the last 15 years. In the last few years, I perfected several strategies and have made the transition to being 100% quant.

My commitment is to guide you in creating your own quantitative portfolio with confidence, even if you’re not a programmer. You too can the master quant strategies that have the power to help grow your capital and achieve life-changing returns!


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